Slope Stabilisation

We have extensive experience in a range or traditional and innovative slope stabilisation methods. We have applied the slope stabilisation techniques in a range sectors including forestry, rail, highways, river/canal.

Slope Stabilisation

Slope stability issues have huge effects on the transport infastructure including rail. There are a vast amount of long-term stabilisation methods that can be selected to improve slope stability. In order to select the most suitable solution, Ground investigations (GI’s) must first be carried out. Additionally the GI’s provide critical information that allows for the most suitable construction method to be designed.

Our services in slope stabilise include:

All Rail works can be completed ALO (Adjacent Line Open)
Regrading/Reprofiling Slopes
Counterfort Drainage Installation
Inclined drains Installation
Erosion Control Solutions

Our customers repeatedly chose SG Elite as our methods meets the highest of HSQE standards even in the strictest of sectors within civil engineering.

Our rail division can safely work ALO (adjacent line open) to reduce project costs working outside of possessions.

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